Ecto Moon Rider - Body Surfing Handplane


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The evolution of 10+ years of handplane design.

Whether you’d like to try bodysurfing, or boost your bodysurfing further. The Ecto Moon Rider handplane is suited for all abilities and is guaranteed to help you get more waves and have fun in the process.

The Moon Rider is the evolution of 10+ years of innovation in handplane design and manufacturing.

Product development in association with Sydney’s renowned Vert Design & Defy Design. Essentially it is a fusion of all the best Ecto models ever made to enhance the bodysurfing experience in 5 significant ways.

• More control & speed

The hard rail edges, curved concave surface and moon tail all provide grip into the face of the wave when riding. This helps stabilise and control your body, providing lift and speed allowing you to fly across the wave.

• Longer rides and grip texture

The buoyancy of the recycled plastic and micro moon texture, means you can push down and drive the handplane to make longer sections across the wave. It also gives you extra traction between your hand and the handplane during tricks, such as spins. 

• Redesigned fully adjustable hand strap

Our much loved universal one size fits all strap design is fully adjustable to fit hands of all ages and abilities. The strap has been made more streamline and more comfortable. Many prototypes were created to get the strap bar fitting just right.


• Compact design for swimming & travelling

The overall design is small, thin and light weight to make swimming easy, and to be ultra portable for travelling on surf adventures. (270x170x7mm - 250g)

• Sustainable and durable

We have proudly partnered with Defy Design manufacturing in Sydney (Botany NSW Australia) to make the Moon Rider from durable 100% recycled plastic (PP) otherwise destined for landfill, or worse, as plastic pollution bound for the ocean. At DEFY, plastic waste is cleaned, colour coded, granulated and heated for injection moulding, making for a truly circular economy. The recycled polypropylene is moulded with a UV stabiliser and is an extremely tough material suitable for harsh coastal environments. 


The handplane floats, but also comes with a fully adjustable Ecto wrist leash so you don't lose it in the waves.