1. How do Ecto Handplanes work?
Ecto Handplane allows your body to ‘hydroplane’, or skim, over the waters surface with more speed and lift. When you apply your body weight to the buoyancy of the smooth surface area of the hand plane it propels you with speed, allowing you to ride faster and for longer.

2. Is it easy to swim with an Ecto Handplane?
Yes, our award-winning shapes are designed to cut through the water with ease when swimming. You’ll find you can swim freestyle using any of our handplanes in the surf, or you can simply put both hands on top of the handplane and kick with your feet using your swim fins/flippers. 

3. Which hand do I use when bodysurfing?
As a general rule we recommend you lead with your left hand when bodysurfing lefts, and your right hand when bodysurfing rights. This technique allows you to lean into the wave and ride with least resistance while getting the most lift/speed by pushing downwards on your handplane.

4. Do I need a wrist leash?
Our handplanes come with a removable and adjustable toggle wrist leash to ensure your Ecto Handplane (and possibly mounted GoPro) don't get lost in the surf. However, for most general surf conditions, bodysurfing without the wrist leash is fine if you have the hand strap done up tightly.

5. Is the Ecto Handplane strap adjustable?
Yes, the Ecto Handplane strap system has been designed so that ‘one size fits all’. Simply align the comfy neoprene over your hand and fold the velcro straps over each other at your desired tightness. Out in the waves, our simple award-winning design makes it easy to swap the handplane between your left and right hand.

6. Do I need to use swim fins/flippers to bodysurf?
Yes, swim fins make body surfing much easier as you can dive under waves and paddle out much quicker. Swim fins allow you to kick and propel yourself into waves with more speed, and they are critical for control and hold when riding steep hollow barrelling waves. We sell DaFins as they are widely regarded as the world's best and most comfortable swim fins. 

7. What are the advantages of the PU foam and fibreglass materials? 
The Ecto Glass All-Rounder 11" has more buoyancy than most wood or plastic hand planes – but not too much. The buoyancy allows you to push up on the hand plane easily and get more speed and lift when body surfing.

8. What are the advantages of Paulownia wood handplanes? 
The Ecto Handplanes Ecto Wood11 is an ultra thin and light weight material that offers great manoeuvrability, paddling and lift/speed when body surfing. Our wood handplanes are handcrafted from sustainable plantation Paulownia timber in Australia.

9. What waves should I bodysurf?
Bodysurfing hand planes generally work best riding waves that are steep and hollow. The best waves for bodysurfing 'barrel' as they provide lots of power which propel a bodysurfer forward with speed and lift. Typically the best waves are hollow shore breaks, wedgy beach breaks and steep reef breaks.

10. How can I make my own DIY bodysurfing hand plane and strap?
Making your own handplane is a great DIY project! If you've got an idea for a handplane you can use the Ecto DIY strap kits which includes 2x plugs, placement guide and a blank hand strap HERE

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