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1. How do Ecto Handplanes work?

Having an Ecto Handplane allows your hand and body to ‘hydroplane’, or skim, over the waters surface with more speed and lift. When you apply your body weight to the byouyancy of the smooth glassed surface area of the handplane it propels you with speed, allowing you to ride faster and for longer!

2. Is it easy to paddle with an Ecto Handplane?
Yes, it gives you floatation. You’ll find putting your Ecto in front of you while you paddle with your free hand by your side easiest, or simply put both hands on the handplane and kick with your fins/flippers.

3. Which hand do I use when bodysurfing?
As general rule we recommend you use your left hand when bodysurfing lefts, and your right hand when bodysurfing rights.

4. Do I need a wrist leash?
Our handplanes come with a wrist to ensure your Ecto Handplane and mounted GoPro don't end up on the rocks at a reef break! However, a wrist leash is optional when surfing at a beach.

5. Is the Ecto Handplanes strap adjustable?
Yes, the Ecto Handplane strap has been designed so that ‘one size fits all’ – from groms to grandpas. Simply align the comfy neoprene over your hand and fold the velcro straps over each other at the desired tightness. Out in the waves the simple design makes it easy to swap the handplane between your left and right hand.

6. Do I need to use surf fins/flippers to bodysurf?
Yes, fins make body surfing much easier as you can dive under waves and paddle out much quicker. Fins allow you to kick and propel yourself into waves with more speed, and they also provide more control and hold when riding steep hollow waves. 

7. How do we recycle broken and old surfboards?
Surfboard foam (Polyurethane - PU) is recycled by reshaping it into a new handplane blank. The foam blank is then glassed using the exact same processes as your favourite surfboard. The idea originated from Chris's 1000 Surfboard Graveyard project.

8. What are the advantages of the foam and fibreglass materials? 
The Ecto Handplane has more buoyancy than most wood or plastic hand planes – but not too much. Having a more buoyancy allows you to push up on the hand plane easily and get more speed and lift when body surfing.

9. What waves should I bodysurf?
Bodysurfing hand planes require waves that are steep and hollow. The best waves for bodysurfing 'barrel' as they provide lots of power which will propel a bodysurfer forward with speed and lift. Typically the best waves are hollow shore breaks, wedgy beach breaks, and steep reef breaks.

10. How can I make my own DIY bodysurfing hand plane and strap?
We sell strap kits HERE

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