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cords arrived fast thanks

great communication from seller, fast delivery too


Thanks Ecto , there was great communication from seller , fins and handplane arrived quickly , thanks


Excellent leash, small and strong

Great product

Excellent service


Easy to fit. Really enjoyed shaping my own handplane. Ordered a couple more kits as it was so much fun. Are the parts are quality, the strap and leash very comfortable :)

Top plugs

I've been using the plugs and straps for a while and they work a treat. Great product and great service. Thank you!

Stealth Swim Fins - S1 Supreme Black - Body Surfing Fins

Ecto Moon Rider - Body Surfing Handplane

Perfect handplane for traveling light

I wish there was a flat part up in the nose so I can stick a gopro mount securely. As it is right now the edges of the mount are a bit "in the air".

Harassed a review out of me

Got a hand plane, flippers and tether as a gift for my other half. The colour I had chosen for the flippers ended up being sold out and Chris was kind enough to email and then call the same week to sort it out asap. Very pleased with his service. My partner enjoyed all the gifts, I’m sure. They lost a star for literally harassing me for this review. I’ve unsubbed from their emails about 40 times and deleted multiple emails each week for the last 2 months. Annoying to the point that I would consider not purchasing from them in future to avoid ever having to receive another email from them again. Other than that, I’m stoked.

very nice

really nice quality and good protection for your handplane

A great product(s), everything just works. Simple and good quality.
Fast postage 👍

USED - Ecto Metal FLY Fish 9.5 inch V1.0 - Bodysurfing Handplane (9)
Excellent Handplane

Easily one of the best Handplanes I’ve used. Fast and easy to swim with

Great quality!

Very happy with the quality of the product. Very happy 15 year old as an alternative to a body board or surf board.


Light weight, easy to swim with,comfortable and gives you Mendez lift and glide your after. Looking forward to using in different waves.

Love it! Great addition to my hand plane quiver.

Perfect gift!

I got this as a gift for my partner and he absolutely loves it! Looks great, fits great! He takes it with him every day

NEW - Ecto Glass Original 16’ Bodysurfing Handplane - Veneer c2013
Geoff Dews
Hand pumping

Great bit of kit

Awesome Product!!

Love it!

Love it

Had my eye on a wooden handplane, however the price was too good for a poor student, an the fact it was recycled plastic made me go with this version. Glad I did, it's nice and lightweight. Went out in 3 foot surf, no fins and the extra propulsion from paddling is better than I expected. Well worth the purchase, thanks.



Anxious to give this a go !

I live in Southern California, receiving this board from the other side of the world is amazing for starters, and it arrived in 2 weeks in perfect condition. It’s the smallest of the dozen I own, but that’s the thing about handboarding, I started with a Slyde, which now feels to big to move around in the ocean with, so I keep grabbing smaller rides! Will be back after it warms up around here to give a rider report!

NEW - Ecto AR-2 Bodysurfing Handplane c2023 (single underside ding)
Michael F
Little ripper!

Not only does the A2 look great and feel nice in the hand it also performs well in the water. Being small it’s easy to swim with and the hard edges provide excellent wave grip. This is my second Ecto and I love it. All round great hand plane.

Ecto moon rider

Great handplane. Great shape, light weight, comfortable strap & made from recycled plastic. Perfect.


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