Ecto ELBOLT - Mini Paipo (Belly Board)

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"Ride like lightening with your elbows!"

Ecto ELBOLT - Mini Paipo Model

A paipo (pipe-oh) is a Hawaiian word for a small board (the ancient equivalent of today’s bodyboard). This mini-paipo, the #EctoELBOLT is the result of years of development trying to create a functional piece of surfcraft that fits halfway between bodysurfing (using your hand/arm) and bodyboarding (using your hips). The ELBOLT is designed to be ridden using your elbows and is incredible fast like a lightening bolt due to the underside double concaves. This paipo gives you the amazing feeling of fast 'friction-less' sliding wide range of surf conditions from 1-5+ft. The smaller size board made with ultra light and durable Paulownia wood provides great control in hollow barrelling waves in comparison the Classic model. Ideal for anyone who enjoys bodysurfing and bodyboarding and wants to explore the possibilities in between.


* Please note the ELBOLT Paipo will be made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for your mini-paipo to be crafted and delivered. 

• Handmade from sustainable plantation Australian grown Paulownia timber
• Sealed with a high quality low VOC marine varnish
• Painted 'dip' designed

• Painted bolt marks the bottom of the mini-paipo
• Underside double concave optimised for maximum speed + lift
• Nose rocker optimised to reduce spray
• Hard rails to provide maximum hold and control
• Ultra thin design for flow and flex

Skill / Waves
• Perfect in small-medium sized hollow waves
• Ideal for any ability or age (no wrist leash required)

• Ecto 'BODYSURF' bumper sticker

• Dimensions: ~ 590mm x 310mm x 12mm  |  23.2in x 12.2in x 0.5in
• Weight: ~ 300g  |  0.6lb