Ecto is an innovator of bodysurfing handplanes and accessories that boost the enjoyment of the bodysurfing experience.

Bodysurfing handplanes since 2012.

From the people
From the people
Bought one for my boyfriend and he loved it so much so he bought one for his dad. They love going out for a bodysurf together! Great service and fast shipping. Thanks Ecto!
— Stephy B.
From the people
BLOWN AWAY. Ask yourself this question, do I actually want to make barrels? If the answer is YES - then buy Ecto products, it’s that simple 🤙🏻
— Phill McCudden
From the people
A great handplane for bodysurfing that will take you to the next level.
— Greg Cogar
From the people
The best handplanes I've used. Ergonomics and wave riding ability surpassing competitor craft.
— Rob B.
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Bodysurfing Handplanes


Australia’s award-winning sustainable handcrafted bodysurfing handplanes brand.

Established on the South Coast of New South Wales, Ecto has since been generating worldwide stoke on bodysurfing. Welcome to Ecto Handplanes, the innovators of bodysurfing handplanes (or handboards) and accessories that help you slide across waves with greater speed and lift, providing the maximum fun factor in all wave conditions.

Our body surfing handplanes are made from a variety of materials and are shaped with a slight concave and are designed to maximise skimming (or planing) with your body across the surface of the water. Our handboards come with a fully adjustable neoprene strap and an optional leash to attach to your wrist, and the nose has a GoPro mount so you can capture all the action and wipeouts from the ultimate camera point of view.

Our Designs and Shapes

We offer a variety of surfing hand planes to suit your level of experience and the types of waves you will be sliding. Whether you’re tackling normal conditions and want the ultimate lift and stability or are a more adventurous soul performing tricks in peaky or hollow surf we have a range of products to suit you. Check out our DIY kits for customised handboards for bodysurfing if you want to have a go at making your own handplane.

How Do Handplanes Work?

Bodysurfing handplanes are designed to let your body skim the surface of the water more efficiently by propelling your body and providing just the right amount of lift and buoyancy to keep you moving. By riding surfing handboards with your preferred hand, you can paddle through the water with ease using one arm and swim fins on your feet. While the wrist leash can be removed, we recommend its use particularly in large waves or near rocks.

Handplanes for bodysurfing are ideal in steep surf that barrels and allows you to gain enough speed to propel yourself and perform tricks— the best conditions for bodysurfing include hollow shore breaks, reef breaks and wedgy beach breaks.

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For more information about the Ecto Handplanes range of bodysurfing accessories and hand boards for sale in Australia, give product designer Chris a call on 
(+61) 400 235 412
or email contact @ ectohandplanes.com.

Whether you’re ready to order or just want to ask a quick question, we’re always here to help!

Happy Bodysurfing!