Ecto Combo - Ecto Metal FLY Fish Handplane (Black) + DaFins

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DaFins Colour
DaFins Size

The essential bodysurfing combo package - An Ecto Handplane + Bodysurfing Fins!

Save money and get more!

1x Ecto Handplane - FLY Fish Metal
1x Pair of DaFins  - Choose your size & colour


Ecto Bodysurfing Handplane FLY Fish Wood 9"

• Paulownia Timber: 100% Australian grown sustainable plantation paulownia timber.
• Marine Varnish: Sealed with a high quality satin marine varnish
• Strap + Leash: Fully adjustable one size fits all comfy 3mm neoprene strap and an optional wrist leash is included.
• Single Concave: Light single concave optimised for generating speed and hold.
• Flyers & Fish Tail: Superior barrel performance & paddling freedom
• Dimensions: ~ 230mm x 180mm x 15mm | 9in x 7.5in x 0.5in

Ecto Fin Saver Tethers

• Protect your fins: Avoid losing your new fins in turbulent waters
• Adjustable Toggle: Fully adjustable button slider toggle tether
• Comfy Cushion Rope: Light weight soft cushion rope to avoid chafe

DaFins - Bodysurfing Swim Fins (choose your colour + size)

DaFiN is the ultimate watermans fin providing the perfect balance of power, performance and comfort. Perfect for bodysurfing, bodyboarding and any professional water activity where you need the best equipment available.
• High performance fin
• Lightweight and less tiring
• Extremely comfortable foot pocket - say goodbye to foot chafe!
• Wear on either foot
• They float so you wont lose them 

The swim fin of choice by Mark Cunningham - World Champion Bodysurfer, 30-year Hawaii veteran lifeguard on Oahu North Shore.

Use the DaFin sizing chart below to find the right size fit.