Do you feel most at home when your body gets caught up in the energy swell of a wave and, with just the right positioning, you race the falling crest until there's no more wave left to ride? Bodysurfing inspires a fiercely loyal following for a reason: it's just great fun! Add to the fact that practically anyone can get started and it's not hard to understand why every day groups of body surfers are heading to the beaches around Australia. Equipping yourself with the right tools to surf these waves effectively is key to having a good time. While most people start off only using their swim fins or flipper (insert link), you might feel like you could do more — and enhance your budding bodybashing skills — if you could control yourself and your direction in the water with more finesse and lift.

When you add handplanes into the mix, that type of control is yours. At Ecto Handplanes, we've been creating fun and innovative designs for more than half a decade, enabling body surfers to hand surf and go faster and further than one might do with fins alone. Key products in our line-up are our Wood 11" handplanes made here sustainably in Australia. Though we offer a fibreglass version with a GoPro mount, we also proudly fashion products from wood, too. What are the reasons one might desire to buy hand planes in Australia?

A very fun way to experience the surf

First, it's fun! Hand planes, especially those made from wood, can give you experiences in the wave you never thought possible. With handplanes, you can catch many waves, go faster, and control your ride through the wave with considerably more stability. When you want to increase the thrills, and get more out of every session in the surf, this is an excellent means to get in the ocean and have fun.

Second, it's sustainable. Because all wooden hand planes come from sustainably sourced paulownia trees in Australia, it's impact on the environment is minimal. Protecting the surf spots that we enjoy for bodysurfing is essential, and safeguarding the planet overall is a part of that. By choosing to buy our wood hand planes online in Australia, you're getting a valuable and portable wave riding tool to body surf on without an adverse impact on the planet and Australian beaches.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it provides incredible performance. As mentioned, the design we use in our wooden handplanes makes them well adapted to the conditions you'll face in the water. Just watch some of our handplane videos to see it in action and develop a sense of what you could accomplish. It doesn't take long to develop proficiency, and then you'll be on your way to mastery.

Explore our robust selection of hand planes for Australia

Are you ready to start exploring what you can experience in the water when you buy wood hand planes online? Visit our handplane guide and our FAQ for more in-depth information to start. When you're ready, explore our product range and place your order.