A guide to choosing your handplane

All Ecto Handplanes perform equally well for all ages and abilities. 
However they do offer different feelings and advantages in the water

3 key differences between the Ecto Glass 11" and Ecto Wood 11"

Ecto Glass - PU Foam & Fibreglass
• Ultra light PU shaped and glassed with polyester resin (like a surfboard) 
• The construction is more buoyant and gives more life than the density of wood 
• The extra float in the foam help you slide further when bodysurfing in average 

Ecto Wood - Paulownia Wood
• Very durable sustainable Australian grown plantation Paulownia timber.
• Hand shaped to a super thin construction for superior paddling
• Performs well in all waves including large steep hollow barrels.

2. RAILS: 
Ecto Glass - Moderate Rails
• Moderately sharp rail edges that give you hold and control
• Generally more versatile in all conditions.

Ecto Wood - Sharp Rails
• Sharper rail edges that offer extra hold in critical conditions

Ecto Glass 
• Built-in GoPro nose plug mount and that provides
• Safe and easy way to attach an action camera to the handplane.

Ecto Wood 
• No GoPro mount due to the ultra-thin design

Each are different so you really have to try each one out for yourself!