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What you Need to Know to Buy Wood Hand Planes in Brisbane

Body surfing is an ocean-based sport where using your body as the board you ride waves; this makes body posture and alignment crucial to prevent injury and have more fun in the water. Regardless if you are new to bodysurfing or feel at home in the ocean, a hand plane offers support by providing lift, so you glide across the water surface easier.

A project that began simply recycling broken surfboards has developed into a new, exciting way to enjoy surfing. Since our humble beginnings, we have developed even more advanced methods to enjoy the surf. If you are looking to buy wood hand planes in Brisbane, it’s important to first know the differences between the wood and the glass versions.

The wood is Paulownia timber which is grown in Australia on a plantation. The material is durable and versatile, so a wood hand plane is adaptable to your personal bodysurfing style. They also have sharp rail edges to provide additional grip in the more challenging waves. The wood hand plane is also ultra-thin so that you can paddle easier. Regardless of the type of hand plane you buy, there are numerous designs, styles, and grips to fit your personal bodysurfing needs.

Let us help you create your optimal bodysurfing experience and buy wood hand planes in Brisbane. If you need to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives, call us on (+61) 400 235 412 with questions or comments. You can also send feedback via our contact page.

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