When it comes to thrills, bodysurfing offers an incredibly visceral experience that's hard to replicate elsewhere. Using just your own body to catch waves and ride their momentum is incredible the first time you succeed and every time afterwards. What if you want to take your experiences to the next level as you grow and gain confidence in this pursuit? Using wood hand planes available in Adelaide, you can do precisely that.

Available from Ecto Handplanes, these wooden accessories, carved to exacting slimness from sustainable paulownia wood, enable you to harness the power of the water to stay in waves for longer and to build more speed. Manoeuvrability sees a marked increase, too, with the increased hold woodhandplanes can provide in the Adelaidesurf allowing you more control. It all works by leveraging the weight of your own body to increase buoyancy and subsequently your speed. Some of our customers have even noted that they feel they could outrun their waves.

They're easy to learn to use, too. Even a beginner can strap on a pair of hand planes and, with a little practice, begin to see a difference in the way they experience bodysurfing. With both wooden and glass hand planes available from Ecto, plus DIY kits for those with a creative spirit, it's simple and straightforward to get started. Take a look at our FAQ for more quick info, or start shopping now.