If you are new to bodysurfing or hand boarding, you have many beach options in Sydney. There are swimming beaches and big wave beaches, but you need a place where you can practice this new skill. Also, when learning anything new, it’s important to feel successful and have fun when you are leaning, which is why practicing bodysurfing and using your hand boards at Bondi Beach is a perfect venue.

Not only is the beach gorgeous with the blue water and white sand, but it also has a many surfing areas, so can bodysurf between the flags or out the back with the other board surfers while you’re learning. It’s located conveniently near Sydney, so you can get there easily and overall it’s a safe beach. Additionally, many early-stage surfers and backpackers learn here, so you can find help and comradery as you hone your new craft. Riding your hand boards on Bondi Beach will provide an excellent venue to pursue your bodysurfing interests on one of Australia’s most iconic beaches.

Even if you are a seasoned surfer, using hand boards at Bondi Beach is a great opportunity to get out in the surf and practice regularly due to the ideal location close to but outside Sydney. It’s also a great opportunity to test out new gear or work on perfecting techniques or tricks that may be too dangerous at some of the big wave beaches.

If you’re just starting out in bodysurfing or are an old guru, hand boards are great fun on Bondi Beach or any other spot for great waves. Contact one of our friendly team on (+61) 400 235 412 if you have questions or comments related to your hand board. For your convenience, you can also contact us via our contact form. We are excited to help you begin or improve your bodysurfing experience.