Our team rider Jake Rosenbrock (aka Barrel Pig) from Maroubra as well as other local legends such Peter Sperling, Nick Brbot and Rikki Gilbey are big wave bodysurfers who have all received significant press recently for their endeavours to bodysurf Cape Solander (aka Cape Fear) in Botany Bay. It’s widely known as one of the riskiest surfing locations in Australia and was home to the inaugural Red Bull Surf Contest in 2014. The location has an imposing combination of shallow water, barnacle covered rocks, and big waves; here you are as diligent entering and exiting the water as riding the wave.

Jake uses wood hand planes for his bodysurfing endeavours at the beaches outside Sydney. The popularity of bodysurfing and big wave bodysurfing will continue to increase, as people learn they don’t need to buy, lots of large and cumbersome equipment to enjoy a day riding the waves. An Ecto hand plane is available in both wood and glass and make bodysurfing lots of fun.

Hand planes work by letting your body “hydroplane” across the water surface, where more speed and lift are available to you. The key is to press your body weight moderately into the hand plane, and the buoyancy propels you forward.

If you are inspired by Jake Rosenbrock and want to begin or continue your own bodysurfing adventure, buy wood hand planes in Sydney and head to your favourite surf beach. For specific hand plane questions call us on (+61) 400 235 412 to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. You can also send us a message using our contact form. We are excited to help you in any step of the process.