Perhaps you already have a fibreglass hand plane, and you are now in the market to buy wood hand planes in the Sunshine Coast area. Alternatively, maybe you have read about the differences between glass and wood and are convinced that wood is the best match with your bodysurfing style. Either way, if you are looking for the highest quality wooden hand plane board on the market, you would be hard-pressed to do better than Ecto Handplanes.

Our Focus on Wooden Hand Boards

At Ecto Handplanes, we have been building hand boards as a Sunshine Coast business since 2012. In the early days, we were making our boards by recycling pre-existing surfboards. Eventually, though, we started to expand our business model with wooden hand boards. We wanted to see if we could build a wooden hand plane that was as durable, reliable, and performance driven, as any of the fibreglass board range.

This goal ultimately resulted in the Ecto Handplanes Ecto Wood11, which we believe to be one of the finest wood hand boards available anywhere right now. The Ecto Wood11 bears an extremely thin and surprisingly lightweight design. It is crafted from Australian-grown plantation Paulownia timber, to ensure maximum sustainability and natural water resistant properties. The combination of the materials and the carefully balanced board design results in a hand board that is manoeuvrable while still providing fantastic lift and speed properties during bodysurfing.

Each Ecto Wood11 board is handcrafted to guarantee maximum quality and design integrity. We also seal each board with a high-quality varnish with minimum VOC (volatile organic compounds). The less-toxic nature of this varnish adds to the sustainability of the Ecto Wood11 board. Other features include an adjustable hand strap system, a nose rocker that drastically cuts down on mid-surf spray and hard rails that make the board easy to control—even in big barrels.

If you are shopping for hand planes in Sunshine Coast and want to get your hands on a wooden board design that offers durability, peak performance, and versatility in any conditions, look no further than the Ecto Wood11.

Getting Swim Fins When You Shop for Hand Boards in Sunshine Coast

If you decide to buy a wood hand plane in Sunshine Coast (and you choose the Ecto Wood11), you will get the board, and an optionally removable wrist leash and a carry bag for your new hand board. You will have most of what you need to start hitting the waves, but you might also consider picking up a pair of DaFin swim fins. We can include DaFin swim fins with the boards we sell at Ecto Handplanes in a COMBO LINK. We do highly recommend them as a well-designed board will give you speed, control, and hold but swim fins or flippers will help with each of those categories as well. At Ecto Handplanes, we stock swim fins from DaFins, the world’s leading brand in this product marketplace. DaFins provide superior comfort, power and performance in all surf conditions.

Are you interested in buying hand boards, swim fins or accessories from Ecto Handplanes? Feel free to reach out directly if you have any questions about our product inventory.