Are you a fan of surfing? Swimming? Stand-up paddleboarding? All the above? If so, you will probably love bodysurfing, too. Bodysurfing combines the best of swimming and surfing in one hobby. It’s a fun way to spend more time in the water, catch some waves and get some thrills. If you are just getting started in bodysurfing, though, you may be wondering whether you need a bodysurfing board—called a hand plane or hand board. After all, the name of the activity is bodysurfing. If you do need a board, the question becomes about where you can find bodysurfing hand planes in Gold Coast.

When to Use a Hand Plane

If you want to buy bodysurfing hand planes in Gold Coast, Ecto Handplanes is the right place to shop. We create our own wooden and fibreglass hand boards. These beautiful boards have also been carefully designed to deliver the best results possible for the rider, so you can expect a great experience if you choose to use one.

It’s possible to bodysurf without a hand plane, but in most cases, you will want at least one swim fin, to give you extra speed, control, and hold. However, you can certainly start surfing the waves without a board. Indeed, one the factors that draws people to bodysurfing is the fact that you can do it with minimal equipment.

When you have a well-made hand plane, though, you can enjoy all the thrills of bodysurfing to a greater degree. They make it easier to catch waves and ride them for longer with more lift on the wave face. They help you maintain control. They give you extra manoeuvrability. In short, they make bodysurfing more fun—at least when you find the right boards.

Where to Buy Bodysurfing Hand Planes in Gold Coast

Whether you are looking for wood hand planes or fibreglass hand boards in Sunshine Coast, look no further than Ecto Handplanes. We dedicate ourselves to giving you the best bodysurfing experience possible. Moreover, we believe we have the hand boards to get you there.

As we mentioned previously, every Ecto Handplanes bodysurfing board is a genuine piece of surfcraft. As lifelong bodysurfing enthusiasts, we knew enough when we started our business in 2012 to know what a perfect hand board should look like. We knew it should include a concave underside design, for superior lift, speed and hold. We knew the nose rocker had to have a design that maximises lift and cuts down on spray. We knew that we had to include either hard rails (for our wooden boards) or moderate rails (for our glass boards) to give our customers extra control.

Over and over, we have incorporated these design hallmarks into our boards, to great effect. Many bodysurfing enthusiasts have made us their go-to supplier for fibreglass or wood hand planes in Sunshine Coast. They love our boards for durability, performance, aesthetic, and overall enjoyment.

A hand board can make bodysurfing fun to master and is easy to transport when on surfing trip. If you are looking for bodysurfing hand planes in Gold Coast, get in touch with Ecto Handplanes today.