As far as surfing craft and ocean activities go, few offer as low a barrier to entry with as high a return of fun and excitement as bodysurfing. When all you need to begin is the right pair of swim fins, getting started with learning the basics is quick and easy. Once you build on your swimming fitness and body positioning, it can quickly turn into an awesome all seasons beach lifestyle. Whether you're a novice looking for a way to have even more fun or a serious bodysurfer hunting for an enhanced thrill, a handboard, also known as handplanes, can be the perfect addition to your surf gear or quiver.

As a specially curved piece of material, hand boards allow you to slice into the water of a wave to cause your body to hydroplane, increasing your momentum while also giving you additional control over while you travel across the wave. At Ecto Handplanes, we have plenty of options for those who want to grab a hand board and start practising with it right away. However, we're also proud supporters of the "do it yourself" spirit, and that is why we also provide an option for those who want to buy a DIY hand board kit in Sydney. With everything you need to begin, it's just as simple and twice as fun. How does using such a DIYkit work?

What to do after you buy a DIY hand board kit in Sydney

The Ecto DIY kit comes with just about everything you need to get started on a wood or fibreglass hand plane in your workshop at home. If you have a fun design in mind or a specific hand plane shape that you want to use, this gives you plenty of room to work creatively. Once you've draw the basic board outline, you can use our kit to fit it out with everything you need for the most important finishing touches. This how to make your own handplane kit includes; an adjustable neoprene hand strap, the strap plugs necessary for anchoring it to the hand board, and a wrist leash for ensuring that you never lose track of your handboard even in rough surf conditions.

When you buy a DIY hand board kit in Brisbane, it also comes with a template that will allow you to align the plug holes for your strap perfectly. Since a good hold and solid positioning are keys to success in the water, this is an important step, and the kit takes all the hassle out of the design process. You’ll have a brand-new hand board to call your own, plus the bragging rights for doing it yourself.

Explore what you can achieve with handboarding

At Ecto Handplanes, we're proud to bring opportunities like these to our customers looking for fun ways of enjoying the water. Shop our variety of DIY strap kits or consider one of our models instead. Whichever you choose, we're always a phone call or email away if you need assistance. Contact us here.