Dirty Old Wedge is a documentary film that showcases the history of the Newport Wedge in California starting from its creation in the 1930's.  A unique assemblage of bodysurfers which has come to be known as the "Wedge Crew" is a focal point of this film, highlighting their relationships with the wave and with one another. 


Our story revolves around one incredible, man-made behemoth of a wave but more importantly the lives it has affected from the 50s until present day. Dirty Old Wedge introduces us to a cast of characters who have made, ruined or lost their lives over a common infatuation. Through a combination of modern day cinematography and never before seen footage dating back to the 50s, the film covers the entire history of one of the most iconic surf spots in Southern California and the culmination of an unforgettable crew of bodysurfers who would become known a world over as the Wedge Crew. Interviews with original crew members as well as perspectives from such surf icons as Keith Malloy, Mark Cunningham, and Mike Stewart chronicle the Wedge’s history of bodysurfing, surfing, boogie boarding, the creation of the blackball flag and all the laughs and horrors in between. A story ripe with compassion, brutality, territorial losses and gains, nostalgia, and new generations, Dirty Old Wedge leaves you with a truly unique story of a legendary crew of wave riders who forged their own path in the world of surfing.

You can purchase and download the film here: http://apple.co/2e5dQNP

Producer & Director: Tim Burnham 
Producer & Editor: Jack Murgatroyd
Producer & Editor: Edwin Eversole 

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October 14, 2016 — Chris Anderson

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