Ecto DIY SIMPLE Timber Kit - How to Make a Bodysurfing Handplane

$34.95 AUD


Design and createĀ your own bodysurfing handplane at home! The Ecto DIYĀ SIMPLE Timber KitĀ givesĀ you the freedom to drill and install your own plugs.

1xĀ Placement Guide
ā€¢ A basic outline and measurement for plug installation
ā€¢ Best fit drawing ofĀ hand plane strap placement.

1x PaulowniaĀ Timber Blank
ā€¢Ā Australian grown sustainable paulownia timber blank
ā€¢Ā 330mm (h) x 210mm (w) x 24mm (d)
ā€¢ Flat blank dressed both sides
ā€¢ Note: wood grain varies between each blank

2x Strap Plugs
ā€¢ 32mm diameter xĀ 12mm deep with bonding side grooves
ā€¢ Solid ABS plastic with non-rust steel pin

1x Adjustable Hand Strap
ā€¢ Fully adjustable pull tab with a one size fits all design
ā€¢ Comfy 3mm neoprene and durable strapping
ā€¢ PlainĀ black to suitĀ any DIY project

1x Toggle Wrist LeashĀ Ā 
ā€¢ Military grade paracord withĀ adjustable toggle
ā€¢ Easily swap your handplane between hands
ā€¢ Simply loop around strap for on/off action

Includes a free Ecto sticker Ā 
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