How do you feel about using hand planes in the pursuit of bodysurfing? For some purists, they're out of the question. For them, it's all about their fins, their body, and the water — nothing else. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach, some people find they have more fun and can develop their skills more effectively with the aid of hand planes. Easy to swim with as you look for waves and then incredibly useful as you enjoy a harder grip and more control of your ride, they're well-suited for everyone who enjoys this bodysurfing in the ocean. However, for those who have a fair amount of experience Hand planes can also translate to a wild new experience unlike the bodysurfing you know.

If you're searching for an opportunity to buy hand planes in Melbourne, consider Ecto Handplanes, an Australian-owned provider in this space since 2012. Founded by Chris Anderson, an avid body surfer himself, Ecto's products are the result of experience and hands-on use and awesome team. With a wide variety of products for sale to suit many tastes and styles, you'll find there is one fundamental choice to make before you buy: wood or glass? Our wooden hand boards are something special and bring much to the table. Why should you consider a wooden product if you're a proficient body surfer?

What do wood hand planes offer to Melbourne bodysurfers?

One of the key advantages to choosing our wooden Ecto Handplane Wood 11 all rounders is its superior performance across all wave types. If you don’t want to bring multiple planes for different the surf conditions? With a wooden model instead, you should find that you maintain good performance no matter the surf conditions of the day. While glass provides more buoyancy overall, there are some occasions when wood performs differently to glass — such as when you need that additional hold as you push into an intensely hollow barrelling wave.

When you buy wood hand planes in Melbourne, you'll also find that they work very well as you transition between both swimming and surfing. Their ultra-thin construction means it is comfortable to wear on your hand while paddling for any wave. Rather than proving challenging to swim with and bulky on your arm, you will, in fact, have an easier experience. Conserve your energy for the waves this way, instead of burning your shoulder muscles and stamina reserves early in your body surfing session.

Tackle new challenges with the right equipment

Strong, durable, and sustainably created, these wood planes could be just what you need to improve your skills and have more fun. Have you seen other body surfers at your favourite spots using planes to pull off incredible runs? It's possible for you to do the same! While our wooden products, unfortunately, don't have space for a GoPro mount, be sure to ask a friend to catch some footage of you sliding across the waves with improved control. Ask your questions to our team today, or find out more about the advantages of wood.