Jake Rosenbrock aka @barrel_pig is one of those types that could stare at waves all day, continuously scouting for hollow pockets to mind-surf. Since his days as just another 90s lid-kid he's been utterly obsessed with those glorious liquid cylinders, how to spot them coming, and how to bodysurf them with a GoPro in his mouth.

Favourite Ecto? 
The Ecto Wood All Rounder Model! Light, durable, fast. A handplane for all occasions. 

What does bodysurfing mean to you?
Barrels, shacks, pits, tubes, bowls, kegs, nugs... all those things mean a lot to me. They are my jam.

Words of Advice?
Remember to stay calm no matter how horrific the wipeout. Open your eyes when duckdiving the big stuff. Learn about 'the bounce'. Get in the water as much as you can, it's the only way to learn the ocean, and you'll enjoy youreslf more if you're relaxed. Have fun!

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Photo credits from Top: 1), 2) Chris Anderson, 3), 4-5) Chris Anderson

January 05, 2017 — Chris Anderson