Ecto DIY RECYCLED PU Foam Kit - How to Make a Bodysurfing Handplane

$21.95 AUD $39.95 AUD

Design and create your own bodysurfing handplane at home! The Ecto DIY RECYCLED PU Foam Kit gives you the opportunity to turn surfboard waste into something new by shaping and glassing your own foam/fibreglass handboard.

1x Placement Guide
• A basic outline and measurement for plug installation
• Best fit drawing of hand plane strap placement.

1x Recycled PU Foam Blank
• Australian surfboard foam manufacturing waste
• 330mm (h) x 210mm (w) x 25-60mm (d)
• Note: depth varies depending on each blank

2x Strap Plugs
• 32mm diameter x 12mm deep with bonding side grooves
• Solid ABS plastic with non-rust steel pin

1x Adjustable Hand Strap
• Fully adjustable pull tab with a one size fits all design
• Comfy 3mm neoprene and durable strapping
• Plain black to suit any DIY project

1x Toggle Wrist Leash  
• Military grade paracord with adjustable toggle
• Easily swap your handplane between hands
• Simply loop around strap for on/off action

Includes a free Ecto sticker  
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