USED - Ecto Metal FLY Fish 9.5 inch V1.0 - Bodysurfing Handplane (17)

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Ecto Metal FLY Fish Version 1.0 Bodysurfing Handplane

Prototype for the original version of the Ecto Metal model.
Roll-folded angular prototypes to create underside concave.
Prototype based on the AR-1 All Rounder outline.
Spray painted orange with clear coat, imperfect sample finish.
Completely functional with very minor wear and tear.
Black painted logo.



"2mm ultra thin, for hollow barrel hunting!"

Ecto Handplanes - Metal 9.5" FLY Fish Model V1.0

The #EctoFLYFish in metal is a compact handplane created from an ultra light rigid sustainable 2mm aluminium. The flyers and fish tail design provides unbeatable paddling freedom within in a highly functional concave design that holds extremely well in critical wave conditions. Ideal for bodysurfers who enjoy smaller handplanes or those who want to experience bodysurfing handplane minimalism where less = more. Please note, it's designed to be as a planing surface and does not float, however a wrist leash is included. Created in collaboration by Ecto Founder Chris Anderson with Metal Specialist Joel Meuwissen. 

• Lightweight, strong and sustainable 2mm aluminium (highly recyclable)
• Made in Australia

• Painted and clear-coasted for aesthetics & durability
• Precision laser cut designs

• Fully adjustable one size fits all comfy 3mm neoprene hand strap system
• Ultra thin design for superior paddling freedom
• Underside concave optimised for maximum speed, lift and hold
• 2mm rolled edge rail to provide maximum hold and safety
• Pure planing surface with a negative buoyancy

Skill / Waves
• Great for any bodysurfer who enjoys a smaller handplane.
• Designed to paddle easily and hold in critical waves

• Optional/Removable wrist leash with adjustable toggle (for kids or big surf)
• Carry bag made from black velour with adjustable drawstring  
• Ecto 'BODYSURF' bumper sticker

• Dimensions: ~ 240mm x 175mm x 2mm  |  9.5in x 7in x 0.07in
• Weight: ~ 400g  |  14oz

Barrel Pig (aka Jake Rosenbrock) on his metal Fly Fish. Photo: Skids Br

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