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"Mind blowing speed in tiny waves"

Ecto Paipo - 47" Classic Wood Model
A paipo (pipe-oh) is a Hawaiian word for a small board (the ancient equivalent of today’s bodyboard). This #EctoClassicPaipo is designed as a simple and classic take on the traditional paipo. This paipo gives you the amazing feeling of fast 'friction-less' sliding in smallest of surf conditions 0.5ft. Made with a low-fuss outline and single concave from an ultra light and durable Paulownia wood it provides mind blowing speed in 1-2ft waves. Ideal for anyone who wants more from less or a go-to summer slider.


* Please note the Classic Paipo is made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for your paipo to crafted and delivered.

• Handmade from sustainable plantation Australian grown Paulownia timber
• Sealed with a high quality low VOC marine varnish

• Painted stripe marks the top of the paipo
• Underside single concave optimised for maximum speed + lift
• Nose rocker optimised to reduce spray
• Hard rails to provide maximum hold and control
• Ultra thin design for flow and flex

Skill / Waves
• Perfect in small and average waves 
• Ideal for any ability or age (no wrist leash required)

• Ecto 'BODYSURF' bumper sticker

• Dimensions: ~ 1170mm x 460mm x 17mm  |  47in x 18in x 0.75in
• Weight: ~ 1kg  |  2lb

Adam Wright riding the Ecto 47" Classic Wood Paipo. Photo: Warren Keelan

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