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Ecto Combo - Glass 11" Bodysurfing Handplane (Beastman) and DaFins Package

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The essential bodysurfing starter combo package - An Ecto Handplane + Swim Fins!

This pack includes FREE SHIPPING and the items below:

Ecto Bodysurfing Handplane Glass 11"

• Action Cam (GoPro) Mount. Use the built-in FCS nose mount to screw in an Action Camera (GoPro) to capture all your barrels and wipe-outs.
• Fabric Inlay. The Drifter Palm print is packed with tropical stoke.

Adjustable Hand Strap. Fully adjustable one size fits all comfy 3mm neoprene strap with an optional wrist leash.
• Adjustable Toggle Tether. 
• Durable Resin. Glassed in polyester resin with a smooth finish - the same as your surfboard!
• Single Concave. Light single concave optimised for generating speed and hold.
• Award Winning Design. International A'Design Award 2015, Good Design Award Selection 2014, Sydney Design Award 2013
• Dimensions. 11" x 7.5" x 1" (1L approx)


Ecto Fin Savers / Tethers (pair)

• Protect your new fins - don't risk losing them in the waves

DaFins - Bodysurfing Swim Fins (choose your colour + size)

DaFiN is the ultimate watermans fin providing the perfect balance of power, performance and comfort. Perfect for bodysurfing, bodyboarding and any professional water activity where you need the best equipment available.

• High performance fin
• Lightweight and less tiring
• Extremely comfortable foot pocket - say goodbye to foot chafe!
• Wear on either foot
• They float so you wont lose them 

The swim fin of choice by Mark Cunningham - World Champion Bodysurfer, 30-year Hawaii veteran lifeguard on Oahu North Shore.

Use the DaFin sizing chart below to find the right size fit.